Process Consultation in Change Management

Based on our experience, Veldhoen + Company recognises that Process Guidance in Change Management is a key criteria for successful Activity Based Working (ABW) and New Ways of Working (NWOW) implementations. The main challenge that Project Managers (or Change managers) often face is the complex dynamics during the program of work; “How do I integrate all the different roles, interests and perspectives from the business expert areas (HR, IT and property groups)?”


Process Guidance

By guiding you and your organisation, we help you grow and own your program of work. Veldhoen + Company guides and coaches the Project Team to ensure the new way of working is embodied and sustainable and brought about in the most straightforward and effective way. Through regular project meetings with the ABW Project Team, Veldhoen + Company shares our experience from a broad spectrum of past clients and advises on a range of different perspectives and approaches.

Safe pair of hands

Clients often refer to our guidance as the ‘safe pair of hands’ while working through all the challenges that change management brings. Veldhoen + Company aims to create a learning environment where we process consult to mirror what is happening and reflect on the ABW Project Team’s personal role, style and challenges.

This service may be beneficial if the following questions resonate with you:

  • “It feels as if this project is more my project, instead of it being the whole organisation’s. How do I spread the level of ownership across the organisation?”

  • “When I talk to my colleagues and I notice forms of resistance, how can I respond in the best way to gain their buy-in and deepen the conversation?”

  • “As the ABW project leader, the program seems to work out just fine. However, I have the feeling that we have much more to gain. How do I prioritise the project on Senior Leadership level’s agenda?”

What else to explore?

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