Activity Based Working Training

Here’s the scenario: You have invested time and money into (1) the vision and ambition for transforming to an Activity Based Workplace (ABW), Agile or Flexible Workplace, (2) the design of the office’s physical fit-out, and (3) the technology tools to support your people in being mobile. There is, however, one main concern remaining – how to bring your people along the journey you started.

Create Awareness and Learn

Veldhoen + Company recommends providing development across two areas: firstly – very practically how to work in the new office environment and secondly – more generic in nature, focusing on personal development in a way that will assist achieving the behavioural objectives of the change.

Transform the Mindset of your People

Organisations don’t just change because they have a new office, new systems, new processes or structures. Organisations change because the people within the organisation adapt, learn and change too. Only when the people within it have made their own personal transition can an organisation truly reap the benefits of transformation. Veldhoen + Company takes an active role in (co)-creating the training strategy and in (co)-facilitating workshops to ensure the most effective Activity Based Working Journey for your staff.

What else to explore?

Take a step back, Evaluate and Evolve

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