Change Strategy and Change Approach

Implementing Activity Based Working in the most successful way only succeeds when the mindsets and behaviours of employees and leadership change. Together with your organisation, Veldhoen + Company co-creates the Change Strategy and Change Approach to identify the enablers and blockers of change or transformation to develop a strategy and supporting approach. Veldhoen + Company supports you to ensure consistency and integration to support the overall program and all the stakeholders impacted.

Plan your Change

Our approach is to integrate and build upon existing organisational strategies and initiatives currently happening in your organisation. In some cases, an existing HR program may be our starting point, while in other cases we may need to start from scratch to develop a completely new approach. The Change Strategy and Change Approach forms the foundation for the change journey and provides direction for the path to be followed throughout the rest of the program.

Stakeholder Engagement

Key elements of a change approach can include: sponsorship and stakeholder mapping and engagement, resistance management, training, and communications. A multi-faceted approach ensures that the program supports your people in shifting towards your new way of working.

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