Communication Plan

A new way of working is about people. Communication is fundamental to success across all stages of change.  Ensuring employees have a clear understanding of why the organisation is changing, how it will impact them, and what it will require from them requires a robust Communication Plan.

Understanding Challenges and Opportunities

Partnering with your organisation, Veldhoen + Company advises and co-creates a Communication Plan to share information, manage resistance, respond to challenges and opportunities, and build connection and ownership. Veldhoen + Company ensures that the communication approach remains aligned to the aspirations and vision of the Activity Based Working program.

Shape and role model new way of working

Interventions and communications must provide information, but also shape and role model what the new way of working will look and feel like. Veldhoen + Company’s experience in advising on timing, positioning, and key messages allow an organisation to ensure the communications of the program support the objectives of the program.

Communication Plan Activity Based Working

Based on the ADKAR change model, all initiatives are designed to provide transparent, regular and reliable communication to consistently inform and engage all stakeholders.

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