Measures of Success

Tracking the success of a program is a key requirement for any major program of work. Understanding and ensuring that the intended and desired outcomes align with the vision, aspirations, and strategy of Activity Based Working is critical.

Quick Wins and Positive Momentum

Veldhoen + Company’s experience is to help clients set these measures at the start so that the impacts of an ABW project are measured effectively and consistently. This also helps to ensure that quick wins can be identified to build positive momentum, and missed opportunities can be adjusted for and realised.

Clarity around the Impact and Success

The measures of success are created at the outset of a project and are kept as a living document that supports the organisation’s preferred program tools. This document provides clarity around the impact and success of initiatives and supports the project’s business case.

Measures of Success Activity Based Working

Measures of Success

Ownership Program of Work

Measures of success also provide clear, robust, and systematic reporting to sponsors and executive teams to demonstrate a holistic view of progress and key outcomes. Measures of success can be both qualitative and quantitative, where qualitative data can reflect the pulse of the employee perception.

Ownership by the project team and leaders allows for continued tracking as the organisations continues to grow, evolve, and succeed well beyond the move in date.

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