Paper Independence and Reduction

In our work as Workstyle Consultants we have supported a wide range of organisations in liberating their people and processes from paper. Many have seen reductions of over 50% in printing and paper storage. However, Activity Based Working is not about being paper free. It’s about enabling people to choose when paper serves them and how digital information, tools and technology can enable them to have the information they need, up-to-date, anywhere, any time.

Paper Independence Journey

Our experiences in helping organisations become more paper independent ranges from the very practical to the conceptual and can be connected strongly to an ABW program or standalone. Having worked with a range of organisations and industries, at varying points on their paper independence and reduction journeys we have helped organisation work with regulators to redefine and update requirements, helped evolve the way customers are supported, and supported significant goals to establish more sustainable and cost saving practices.

Sustainable Practice

Our approach ensures that employees understand the value in paper independence and that they are supported by change initiatives and functional requirements to build the skills and tools needed to shift towards paper independence. The high-level guidance and strategy, combined with practical insights and tools, allows organisations to develop their own internal capacity and leads to paper independence journeys that are sustainable in the long term.

Benefits of a Paperless Office

Next to being able to be more productive in a paper less environment, a paper free office also reduces impact on your organisation’s carbon footprint. By analysing your current and future expected paper usage in the Financial Business plan, we can create a business case that can be used as a lever for change.

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Reduce Paper and become Independent.

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