Virtual Functional Requirements Brief

In order for ABW to support people to be independent of time and place, it requires tools and technology that are aligned to the aspirations and respond to the needs of your employees. While technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, we don’t believe investing in cutting edge technology is a must, rather, selecting the right capabilities to enable the workforce is.

Selection of Tools and Technology

The Virtual Functional Requirements Brief is a key program output that outlines the functional requirements that drive the selection of tools and technology to enable the new way of working. The brief is developed through engagement with the business users to create a clear view of the functionality required to support the end user.  This engagement also ensures employees understand why and how tools and technology respond to their needs and removes the focus on ‘shiny new toys’.

The Virtual Brief for Digital Transformation

The Virtual Functional Requirements Brief provides a clear scope for what the technology team needs to achieve, and it allows the organisation to prioritise and invest in the solutions that will provide the greatest impact for the business to enable a new way of working.

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