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From inspiration tours and analyses, to design briefs and  behavioural workshops 
with employees and management, below is just a small selection in more detail of the number of services we perform.

Understanding and implementing Activity Based Working is a process, if these services have sparked something with you, contact us.

We guide programs of work internationally but we also operate in local markets. Based in Australia & New Zealand, United Kingdom, SwedenThe Netherlands and U.S.A.


All Advisory Analytics Training
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ABW Functional Design Brief

Developing an Activity Based Working fit-out is a creative process where collaboration between the business, project…
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ABW Masterclass 2017 | Sydney

Our ABW Masterclass 2017 Sydney sold out pretty fast, as did our next one…
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ABW Office Tour

Most larger organisations change their office location, redesign their office or renew their lease agreement…
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Accommodation Workplace Strategy

Veldhoen + Company’s Activity Based Working (ABW) methodology originated from our previous life as a…
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Activity Analysis

Facilitating and understanding activities like focused work, collaboration, making phone calls, etc… is the…
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Activity Based Working Training

Here’s the scenario: You have invested time and money into (1) the vision and ambition…
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Change Strategy and Change Approach

Implementing Activity Based Working in the most successful way only succeeds when the mindsets and behaviours…
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Communication Plan

A new way of working is about people. Communication is fundamental to success across all…
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Executive Coaching and Team Development

Developing a new way of working requires leaders who can take their people on the…
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Financial Business Plan ABW

Every time you move your office workspace, sign a new lease agreement or redesign your…
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Governance Model

Working with the project team, sponsor, and leadership group, Veldhoen + Company leverage over 25…
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Inspiration Session

Leading an organisation day-to-day is a challenge. Having the awareness to take a step back and…
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Leadership Culture Survey

What is the culture of leadership within your organisation? Taking leadership to the next level…
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Measures of Success

Tracking the success of a program is a key requirement for any major program of…
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New Ways of Working

Within all organisations lies a better way  to operate, however it can be hard  to…
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Occupancy and Utilisation Study

Our research shows that people spend 40 – 60% of their time at their individual…
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Paper Independence and Reduction

In our work as Workstyle Consultants we have supported a wide range of organisations in liberating…
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Process Consultation in Change Management

Based on our experience, Veldhoen + Company recognises that Process Guidance in Change Management is…
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The Leesman Index by Veldhoen + Company

How effective is your workplace in enabling its employees? Veldhoen + Company partners with a leading…
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Virtual Functional Requirements Brief

In order for ABW to support people to be independent of time and place, it…
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Workstyle Indicator

Who is suitable for Activity Based Working? No doubt you’ve been asking yourself this question.