Accommodation Workplace Strategy


Veldhoen + Company’s Activity Based Working (ABW) methodology originated from our previous life as a building project managers. After building spaces that looked and felt the same but were to be used by very different organisations and people for very different purposes, we realised something needed to change. Organisations need an Accomodation Workplace Strategy before they move or redesign their office.

Strategic Advantage for the Future

Today, we support organisations through an entire ABW and New Way of Working journey, and through our advisory support at the outset, we help to ensure your new workplace is not just a hygiene factor, but provides a clear strategic advantage for the organisation.

Office Environment Requirements

Our advisory at the start of a project addresses key considerations such as indicative size range of the fit-out envelope required, qualities of different tenancies that would best support the future work-style, and location, just to name a few.

As our understanding and relationship with an organisation grows, the Accommodation Workplace Strategy will be further detailed to include recommendations on an indicative NLA space requirement, number and type of activity settings, zoning concepts, and organization of people.

This helps organisations create the foundation for the real estate ánd work place strategy and forms the backbone of a more detailed ABW Functional Brief at a later stage – all with an aim of ensuring your accommodation is giving value back to your organisation and creating workforce effectiveness.

What else to explore, next to your Accomodation Workplace Strategy?

Other services that support your new Workplace Strategy are an Occupancy and Utilisation Study, which analyses your existing use of the office space. The ABW Change Strategy and Change Approach enables you to find the current programs of work within your organisation and align them with your workplace strategy. And our Governance Model services makes sure the right people make the right decisions through this period of change.

Exploring a new way of working can start today.

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