Executive Coaching and Team Development


Developing a new way of working requires leaders who can take their people on the journey. Supporting leaders to go on their own personal journey, as well as learning how to lead flexible and mobile teams can be a significant shift. Whether a Senior Leader, Steering Committee Member, or Activity Based Working Project Team member, our coaching focuses on developing capabilities to lead change in an authentic and impactful way.

Stakeholder & Team Experience

Veldhoen + Company offers a series of 1:1 or group coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to ensure that project stakeholders and sponsors are engaged with a deepened understanding about the importance of role modeling the change and what their role is in having courageous conversations and managing resistance. The Executive and Team Coaching sessions build stronger teams and leverage core capabilities already in place. Veldhoen + Company facilitates these sessions based on the client’s specific needs.

Reflection on Existing Working Patterns

An example of how coaching can be impactful is working with the ABW Project Team. The start of any transformational change begins with the Project Team who will first need to live the desired new way of working amongst themselves as individuals and as a team. This requires personal reflection on existing working patterns and discovery around individual contribution to the team. While this sounds simple, changing habits in a complex program requires an experienced and guiding pair of hands.

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