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Every time you move your office workspace, sign a new lease agreement or redesign your existing office, you have a opportunity to think about the way you work and how your people work together. A Financial Business Plan for your office environment can be the start of something more if the questions below have crossed your mind.

  • Do your project teams need to work in a more agile way?
  • Does your organisation need to be more flexible?
  • Or do your people need (or want) to have better conversations?

An office move is an opportunity to invest (or not invest) in your organisation’s culture.

Financial Analysis Office Environment

A financial analysis of your office environment can be the lever for change within your organisation. It’s a tool to get the stakeholders in your company together discussing a better return of your office building…. and that’s before talking about the wellbeing and satisfaction of your people! In our financial business plan, we analyse your old way of working and show a calculation of what you are currently spending and investing in the office workspace today, in comparison to the same costs of running a new innovative way of working in the future by using Office parameters.

Office Parameters

Number of square meters, head count, insurance, cleaning, paper and electricity usage are the basic parameters, but we can also add special characteristics that are important to your current culture and future way of working. We also make allowance for features such as transport facilities, internet technology or office canteen which will be in your future way of working and should be included.

Organisation’s Lifecycle

Organisations naturally grow and fade during their lifecycle, so if attracting and retaining talent is part of your organisational strategy we can incorporate these parameters in our Activity Based Workplace financial comparison. The outcome of your financial business plan will give you a clear indication about the financial benefit to you if you adopt an Activity Based Working (ABW) solution or new way of working.

It’s more than just Cost Savings on Property

Ultimately though, Activity Based Working is not just about cost savings of your commercial real estate investment, but about creating a better world of work for everyone within your organisation. The happier employees are the more effective office life becomes.

What else to explore, next to your financial plan?
Other services you might consider when building a financial business plan are an occupation and utilisation study, which analyses your existing use and effectiveness of the workplace. An activity analysis, which identifies the different activities people do in the office or an inspiration session, which inspires new ways of working among your leadership and people.

Exploring a New Way of Working can start today.

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