Governance Model


Working with the project team, sponsor, and leadership group, Veldhoen + Company leverage over 25 years experience to help organisations set-up a governance model and project structure that speaks to the integrated nature of the program of work and maximises the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of the groups involved.

Integration and Aspiration

The strength of an Activity Based Working program lies in the integration and strong linkage to the project’s aspirations. A well established governance model ensures that key leaders focus on up-holding and maintaining the vision and aspirations, while the project team is structured in an integrated way to ensure all aspects of the ABW concept speak to the aspirations.

Governance Structure

Veldhoen + Company’s experience enables us to provide advisory support on how to set up a governance structure. Proper governance ensures that the structure works for the needs of the organisation and that there is strong structure in place to make key decisions, manage risks, and identify the right resources to be involved across the project phases.

Key Framework

Veldhoen + Company also provides a key framework for how our consultants can be matched to the governance model and program members to ensure coaching and support are effectively provided.

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