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Leading an organisation day-to-day is a challenge. Having the awareness to take a step back and genuinely consider ‘What are the challenges we are facing?’ and ‘How will we continue to develop, and grow our success for the future?’ can sometimes require a source of inspiration. Bringing a leadership team together to challenge the current paradigm and understand how the world of work around us has changed, is a key step in fostering curiosity to pursue a new way of working.

A New Way of Working Inspiration

Veldhoen + Company’s work always starts with setting the scene at the top. Only when a leadership team is bought-in, and genuinely believes the power a new way of working could have, will the project’s aspirations ever be achieved. Our inspiration sessions are designed for organisations that know something needs to change but are not sure where to start. Through a three-hour workshop, we guide leaders through a dialogue to:

  • Inspire leaders around the opportunities that a new way of working can offer
  • Educate leaders on the basic philosophy of time and place-independent work styles
  • Explore what a new way of working would mean to employees, to understand the organisation’s unique opportunities and challenges
  • Provide a forum for inquiry and learning, drawing on Veldhoen + Company’s 25 years of experience through case studies and leader interviews

The overall outcome of this session is a leadership team that is informed to make decisions on whether to explore a new way of working, what form that new way of working should take, and what that means to them. After all, ABW is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a philosophy that organisations embrace and make their own.

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