The Leesman Index by Veldhoen + Company


How effective is your workplace in enabling its employees? Veldhoen + Company partners with a leading global survey partner, the Leesman Index, an independent measurement company, to measure how the workplace supports employees and establish project measures of success.

The Leesman Index

Leveraging the workplace as a strategic enabler requires bridging the gap between Corporate Real Estate and Human Resources to measure workplace effectiveness. The Leesman Index is the global leader in workplace measurement. As a partner to Leesman, Veldhoen + Company administers the survey online with an additional custom module that measures workstyle preferences.

Pre-Move Survey

The survey can be administered for up to 5 buildings for a single organisation pre-move, and once survey results are gathered, Veldhoen + Company will conduct a debrief workshop to review results, insights and analysis with the project team.

Leveraging Results

Survey results are then leveraged to provide quantitative support to decision-making as well as create the baseline for measuring progress throughout the project. The results are also benchmarked against a global database currently consisting of more than 127,000 individual responses across 47 countries in 1050 buildings.

Post-Move Survey

Post-move, Veldhoen + Company will administer the same survey again to enable comparison data and insight into what is going well and what improvements can be made. The evaluation session(s) will provide new insights to Activity Based Working productivity, satisfaction and workplace effectiveness.

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