Occupancy and Utilisation Study


Our research shows that people spend 40 – 60% of their time at their individual work point. The questions we would ask are: What are they spending the rest of the time doing? How can we better support these activities?

Insights into the current use of work points and facilities

Our workplace space utilisation study provides insights into the current use of work points and other facilities (e.g. meeting rooms). These insights can be used to inform decisions on the required number of work points and collaborative spaces for a new workplace strategy.

Facilitating your utilisation study

Veldhoen + Company can facilitate the set-up of an office utilisation study (including training your observers), analyse the data, and lead conversations with the business to develop recommendations for New Ways of Working.

Occupancy and Efficiency of the workplace

One week of analysis

The utilisation study is typically held over one week, throughout which the use of work points and meeting spaces is measured on an hourly basis. Data is captured with an online tool accessed via a mobile device. The observation study aims to create a common awareness regarding the use of work points, actual meeting space utilisation, and raises questions about the need for a fixed desk when implementing Activity Based Working.

What else to explore?
In order to inspire you for your new way of working we offer your leadership and management team Inspiration sessions that explain Activity Based Working. To build the foundation of your future way of working we analyse the current work activities of your people and find out who needs what via our Workstyle Indicator.

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