Myres Dekkers

Senior Collaboration Partner

Be the change you wish to see

After working 8 years for KPN Mobile in several management roles and in HR, Myres discovered her real interest, to work as a trainer/coach. She then got hired by Van Harte & Lingsma, a very inspiring Leadership development institute, where she gave trainings and coaching to individuals and teams mainly on leadership, personal effectiveness and communication for 11 years. She has a deep theoretical knowledge of organisational and personal change. As a key facilitator in the organisational change of several organisations, she has the ability to make deep transformation a light-hearted experience. Passionate about life and people, Myres loves to support people to live life to their fullest potential. Since she moved to Singapore in 2019, Myres has been working with Veldhoen + Company to support clients creating a better world of work in Asia.  
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