Training Remote management

The training ‘Remote Management’ offers managers guidance in order to achieve joint results with employees who are not in the close proximity. The training covers both the distance component and the team’s performance component. The training includes a dynamic and entertaining program that quickly switches between theory, experience, application of theory in practice and active working with personal opportunities and pitfalls.

In the training we deal with the theory within the light of the daily reality of the participants. Our trainer and our training-actor work closely together. All participants are to consider their daily cases in the light of the training and to take practice in scripted cases. Depending on the degree of time and location independent work, we use virtual tools such as email, phone and Skype.

The training provides shared vocabulary for remote management, but above all practical experience and theoretical handles. Continuation after the training is possible: coaching on the job on output-control or in-depth training on each of the three components.

Presentation training Remote Management
Test: ‘Type of manager’ in Remote Management