Veldhoen + Company on COVID-19 and The New Future of Work

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Veldhoen + Company on COVID-19 and The New Future of Work

An activity-based approach has never been more relevant to achieving organisational adaptability.

The multitude of challenges born from Covid-19 are varied, evolving and unique for every organisation. This pandemic has accelerated the global transition from fixed to flexible, predictable to emergent, and simple to complex. Entire industries now question whether their old way of working serves them post-Covid-19 and into the New Future of Work.

The essence of Veldhoen + Company’s ambition has always been to co-create new, activity-based ways of working that encourage teams to connect, individuals to flourish and organisations to thrive. We help organisations transform the way they work through their behavioural, physical and technological environments.

COVID-19 has disrupted each of these environments. As a result, workstyle transformation is no longer only for aspirational organisations; it is essential for every organisation.

Click to read our Veldhoen + Company approach. How an activity-based approach has never been more valuable for organisations to progress beyond short-term reactions to this crisis, and realise long-term, organisational adaptation.

Veldhoen + Company on COVID-19 and The New Future of Work
Authors Jon Gausden and Jarryd Gillen, Workstyle Consultants

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