Work Transformation: Where to Start?

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Work Transformation: Where to Start?

A comprehensive guide of considerations and best practices for a distributed way of working

Veldhoen + Company is passionate about creating a better world of work. The essence of our ambition has always been to co-create new activity-based ways of working and thinking, that provide autonomy on how and where work gets done; encourage teams to connect, individuals to flourish and organisations to thrive. We help organisations transform the way they work through their behavioural, physical and technological environments, beneficial to productivity.

COVID-19 has disrupted each of these environments. This pandemic has accelerated the global transition from fixed to flexible, predictable to emergent, and simple to complex. Entire industries now question whether their old way of working serves them post COVID-19. One thing is certain: remote work is here to stay. Even more certain, however, is that Workstyle Transformation is no longer only for aspirational organisations, it is essential for every organisation. Organisations who embrace the changing nature of the world and adopt a Distributed Way of Working will be more responsive to the anticipated ongoing disruption and better equipped to survive and thrive.

This Work Transformation Best Practices paper explores six key areas of consideration when embarking on a Distributed Way of Working. Within each area is a collection of guiding principles and best practices from organisations across different industries worldwide, helping you to navigate your own Distributed Way of Working. Join us in together creating a better world of work.

By downloading our Best Practice Paper, you may opt-in for a complimentary 30-minute discussion with our consultant in your region.

Feel free to take it or leave it!

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Work Transformation Best Practices Where to Start
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