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Proud to be a Workplace Analytics Partner 

Accredited in Microsoft Workplace Analytics (WPA)

Insights into the way we work have always played a major role in creating a better world of work. Technological developments now make it possible to look at this differently, and can provide even more advice on productivity and employee wellbeing.

We are therefore proud of the Workplace Analytics partnership we have developed with Microsoft. For us, the data in itself is not the goal, but a means to identify how an organisation works. It’s also not about the individual data, but rather the aggregated data that shows us behavioural trends which we can use to engage in a more objectified conversation with our customers. In our opinion this is more relevant now, than ever before.

Hybrid Insights

Thanks to these developments, we see that we are increasingly moving towards a hybrid way of working. This means that we can no longer see everyone. But insights around how we work will help us to have the most relevant discussions of 2021;

  • Are we still doing the right things together, and are we still doing things right?
  • Are we now working in a way that’s for the benefit or at the expense of employee wellbeing?
  • How do we keep connected in the best way that suits each person in our teams?

Insights into trends will help organisations understand how work is ‘working’ for everyone. Such as identifying teams that may be isolated and taking action to break down silo’s. Or discovering opportunities to prevent burnout and identifying areas that need more support. Bringing out the best in people, and create a more effective way of working. For us, it helps it helps us keep doing what we always do in Creating a better world of work.

Workplace Analytics

For customer stories on the insights provided by Workplace Analytics, read Workplace Innovation in a Post Pandemic Era.

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