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Workplace Innovation in a Post Pandemic Era

From digital connection to interconnection for the future of work

A collaborative white paper between Veldhoen + Company and HSO, Microsoft Partners.

Leaders in many organisations have been faced with a complex situation for which there is no ready-made answer, yet continue to guide teams through such unique times. Departments such as HR, IT and Facility Management, that have never worked together so intensively before, are now in close collaboration. Having worked through their immediate response to the crisis, to planning for the future.

In situations like these, it might be helpful to learn from others. What choices have they made, how do they look to the future and how do they collaborate? Especially since the topic of co-operation, and a so called ‘connected workforce’ are increasingly relevant for organisations.

We wanted to learn for ourselves too, so we collaborated with a group of experts who have been working with a wide range of companies and their leaders, on new ways of working, collaboration and workplace innovation. And together we have created this insightful white paper on:

  • First responses to the crisis and what insights have we gained.
  • Re-entering the office, how it runs differently in different countries
  • A look to the Future, and what we can learn from innovative organisations who are already there

We have seen that organisations who had already adopted an activity-based way of working experienced the least disruption throughout this pandemic. It has also shown that workplace transformation is no longer only for aspirational organisations, it is essential for every organisation. Organisations who embrace the changing nature of the world and adopt a more flexible, distributed way of working, will be more responsive to the anticipated ongoing disruption and better equipped to survive and thrive. Hopefully this paper will help to share some key insights on why!

Workplace Innovation

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It’s not mandatory, simply a chance to connect with us, ask any questions or simply share how your organisation has navigated this complex time. We’ll leave it up to you to choose!

Thanks for reading!

Marco van Gelder, Veldhoen + Company and Paul Vos, HSO

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Workplace Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Era
Workplace Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Era
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