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Measuring the Impact of Activity Based Working

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A Report on the Measurable Outcomes and Key Differentiators of ABW

Activity Based Working recognises that people perform different activities in their day-to-day work and therefore need a variety of workspaces, supported by the right physical settings, technology and cultural conditions, to carry out activities effectively.

As the founders of Activity Based Working and change management consultants who guide our clients through workplace transformations, we know that one of the best practices for maximising employee engagement and productivity is the element of personal choice: choosing where we work, when we work, how we work, and with whom we work. But it's not enough for us to "know" it from our 30+ years' experience, we want to provide data insights that clarify why ABW transitions are sometimes successful, and sometimes not.

In this research report we dive into two main questions:

  • What measurable impact does Activity Based Working have?
  • What do successful (high-performing) Activity Based Working transitions have in common?
Impact_ABW_report_updated23 Impact_ABW_report_updated23