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Collaboration Brief: What is Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)?

Collaboration Brief: What is Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)?

Visualising data is crucial for both strategic and influential purposes

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) measures the patterns and connections between people within networks and then graphs the results into an easy-to-understand form factor.

ONA gives insight into how an organisation operates at a top level, allowing V+C and their clients to visualise and make decisions on often hidden metrics such as decision-making, information flow, collaborative work, inclusion, and innovation.

Typical organisational structures often work differently than intended; leading team members to interact and collaborate in ways that deviate from the hierarchical norm. This is where ONA comes in, Accurately measuring how your team is interacting with each other can get past the official structure of your organisation to really see the flow of information from one to another and the collaboration that comes from this. The reality may surprise you.

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ONA Use Cases

Download our insights paper for an in-depth overview of what ONA is, and read about two case studies where we applied ONA to increase innovation and improve collaboration for our clients.
ONA-Insights-Veldhoen-Company ONA-Insights-Veldhoen-Company

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Download the Use Cases