The impact of Activity Based Working

How can Activity Based Working help your organisation towards a successful Hybrid work environment? Read about the impact of an Activity Based Working implementation at 3 different companies, operating in 3 different sectors:

  • Telecommunication
  • Professional Service
  • Pharmacy

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We bring change

Veldhoen + Company’s mission is to create a better world of work where people are free and inspired to contribute their passion and talent every single day. We encourage everyone to create their own difference in the world so that together we can all create a positive impact.


leaders to make a difference by taking them and their teams on a journey that will help them in realising their organizational and personal purpose


people to have the courage to change and guide the organisation on the continuous tension between productivity and enjoyment at work


within the global workforce and showing what a better world of work looks like

“An activity-based way of working and sitting arrangement since Sennheiser adopted this concept has accustomed the team to be comfortable with change because it’s a new environment and group of people around you daily. It has taught us to be adaptable and mindful, and that work can be done in different configurations. As most of us are working from home now, while the physical environment has changed, we are still equally ready to embrace change, and adjust ourselves.”


Martin Low – Managing Director, Sennheiser Asia

The office is a very positive working environment, and employees love it. I believe it will help attract and retain key talent, and help enable future business growth”


Tomaz Kokelj – Assoc. Dir. Facilities Management,  MSD Middle East & Turkey

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