ABW Masterclass 2018 | Sydney

Create a successful Activity Based Working programme. What does it take? What strategies do I need to make it work?


Are you considering an Activity Based Working (ABW) workplace strategy, or have touched on an ABW journey, but not really sure what it’s all about, let alone what it would take to implement it in your organisation? Innovative workplace strategies are in more demand than ever as competition for talent increases, and flexibility in the workplace becomes the norm. But with so much information available, where do you start?

Join our 2-day ABW Masterclass 2018 in Sydney, 22nd-23rd March!

Get to the heart of what ABW is all about and explore what it takes to create a successful ABW programme. Learn from our experiences and address the tough questions you may not be asking. With tours, workshops, debates, discussions and thought-provoking sessions, you will develop a deeper understanding of what it truly takes to implement ABW successfully and come away with strategies to make it work.

“With around two thirds of Australian office workers expected to be working in some form of dynamic workplace by 2020 it is clear that the Activity Based Working phenomenon has now extended well beyond the banking sector”1.

By the end of this masterclass you will be able to:

  •  Define and explain the foundations of an Activity based working environment
  •  Identify the right people to engage in the programme and how to work in an integrated way
  •  Educate leadership teams and stakeholders on how the workplace can be a strategic enabler
  •  Articulate a clear and compelling vision and case for change, that a new way of working can create for your organisation
  •  Articulate what it takes to create and sustain a successful new way of working
  •  Create and apply strategies to develop and deliver programs that facilitate impactful change

Who should attend?

  • Individuals and leaders who are curious about a new way of working (not limited to ABW)
  • Project Teams that want to, or already are, pursuing a new way of working and would like guidance in strategising, planning, and implementing a successful program
  • You do not need to be a previous or current client of Veldhoen + Company to benefit.

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Our aim is to help you learn from our 25+ years of experience, articulate the basics of Activity Based Working, understand what it takes to make it successful. With strategies on how it can be applied to explore new ways of working for any industry, and any organisation of any size.

Feel free to get in contact with the team below if you’re interested in hearing when the next ABW Masterclass in Sydney will be held.


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