Tele2’s Journey to a New Way of Working

As a Telecoms company Tele2 could see how society, and the way it connects, has changed dramatically over the past few years. Not only in terms of people’s behaviour but also how they as an organisation were in fact a large driver and enabler of this change. With communication being such a fundamental part of this, they saw a need for transformation in how they work to be able to truly serve their customers in the best way possible.

Having decided on the need for change Tele2 engaged Veldhoen + Company Sweden and Jonas Falk from Strategisk Arkitektur to help support and guide them in their mission to make their change more than just about the office. In doing so Tele2 were able to redefine their culture and discover a completely new way of working for their organisation, which they named Tele2 Way@Work.


“Everybody needs to be on board or we may as well just skip it”

Birgit Imponen, Project Owner Tele2


Veldhoen + Company Sweden worked closely with the Executive Team for the first 6 – 8 months, gradually transferring ownership of the transformation to the Tele2 teams. After which we continued to work closely to support and guide the teams, including a key project group, to continue all aspects of their journey until move-in day.

Considered one of Europe’s fastest growing Telecoms operators, this is the uplifting, honest and fantastic internal video of Tele2 Sweden’s move to Activity Based Working.


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