The Inera Coffee Effect


Coffee is famously a vital ingredient of a successful business. Yet the health organisation Inera, in Sweden, has elevated the concept to a whole new level. What the company has managed to accomplish is both startling and inspiring. Jonas Hurtigh Grabe argues that the Inera coffee bar foreshadows the office of the future as a dynamo of choice and opportunity.

Read Jonas’ article in full below on the story behind the Inera Coffee Effect, and his three-step strategy on how you can take the leap into the workplace of tomorrow.

Inera Coffee Effect 1

Inera Coffee Effect 2

Inera coordinates the county councils and regions’ community health care services and develops services for the benefit of residents, care and care staff and decision makers. Through user-friendly digital services, Inera’s mission is to drive the development of world-class care.

Download the article as a pdf: The-inera-coffee-effect

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