The Office Reinvented for a Future Workforce

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The Office Reinvented for a Future Workforce


There’s no doubt that one question that is on everyone’s mind today is ‘What will the office of the future stand for?’ 

If in a pre-pandemic world, the idea of flexible activity-based work strategy was considered predominantly by innovative organisations. Now, it has become a priority for the majority of organisations. Organisations around the world are re-thinking the role of the office and how a blended or hybrid way of working can better support the diverse working needs of both the company and the employees.

Activity Based Working is a business strategy that recognizes this diversity in workstyle and work needs. Supporting organisations with the right shift in mindset, changes in behaviour, choice of environments and tools for everyone to perform at their best.

A new start: An office reinvented

As more organisations realise that the way people work is as fundamental to the business as having a solid business strategy, we would like to share with you the questions that a lot of organisations are now asking, and how to approach them. Such as:

  • If our people can work from everywhere, what role does our office serve?
  • If this shift is already happening, how can we influence in the future, the degree of flexibility and agility into our organisation.

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Watch our video presentations as Iolanda shares the questions being asked; the trends we’re seeing as the role of the office shifts for the future; and the key steps that every organisation can consider with their approach to their office and a new way of working post-pandemic.

How does your future of work look?

In Part 2, Iolanda shares about the changes that COVID-19 has brought to the workplace and  the post pandemic workplace trends that have emerged to change the role of the office.

In Part 3, Iolanda shares Step 1: Define the Vision for the workplace by leadership and the 3 environments that need to be considered for to support the vision.

In Part 4, Iolanda shares Step 2: Co-creating the Holistic Concept of the workplace with employees and the 5 elements that are important for employees’ attraction and retention.

In Part 5, Iolanda shares 3 cultural traits that are essential for Step 3: Implementation of the Holistic Concept to succeed and Step 4: Identifying the Key Measures of Success.

In Part 6, Iolanda concludes on what makes Activity Based Working a success in an organization.

How can you create a Better Place of Work for your organisation? 

Read the six areas of Best Practices that you can transform in your workplace today.

Work Transformation Best Practices Where to Start
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