Activity Based Working is about you and your colleagues. It is about organising your work in a more productive and enjoyable way. Creating the best circumstances for each activity, whether it is developing ideas, delivering content or sharing knowledge…

This ABW video is almost everything you need to see before you can create your own new way of working. Maybe you should start reading our ABW E-Book, or visit one of the Activity Based Workplaces we helped create.

Activity Based Working E-Book

Check out our ABW E-Book: ”Collaboration, the key to the future”. Our E-Book will give you new insights about 15 organisations, their leaders and their new way of working after implementing ABW.

Activity Based Working (ABW) principles by the founders

ABW is a workplace strategy that provides people with a choice of settings for a variety of workplace activities. Rather than forcing individuals to undertake all their work at one setting, like a hot desk, ABW allows people to physically locate themselves where it is most suitable for them to complete their work. Spaces are designed to create opportunities for intense, focused work to impromptu and informal meeting space, to formal meeting rooms depending on the work an individual is undertaking.

Activity Based Working advantages

  • a healthier and more sustainable workplace
  • more effective, engaged and motivated people
  • better collaboration, more efficient decision making
  • more satisfied customers
  • a cost effective workplace

Challenges of Activity Based Working

Of course there will be some challenges when implementing (and working in) an Activity Based Workplace, we can name a few, but together we can overcome these before you begin. And we promise you, your people will not want to move back to their old office environment.

But first let us start with the leadership, they need to know why, what and how too.

Other videos and articles, that talk about ABW too or what it’s not:

To develop and implement ABW we offer a range of services to our clients at various stages of your journey. From inspiration tours and analyses, to design briefs and behavioural workshops with employees and management, alongside guiding the implementation of their new way of working.

Your New Way of Working can start today.

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