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Workplace Innovation
in a Post-Pandemic Era

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From digital connection to interconnection for the future of work

Leaders in many organisations have faced complex situations for which there is no ready-made answer, yet continue to guide teams through such uncertain times. However, HR, IT and Facility Management have never worked together so intensively as they have in their COVID-19 pandemic response. Now they look to planning for the future. What can we learn from the choices others have made on this journey?

Veldhoen + Company collaborated with a group of experts working with a wide range of companies and their leaders on new ways of working, collaboration and workplace innovation. Through that research we have observed that organisations who had already adopted an activity-based way of working experienced the least disruption throughout this pandemic.

In this collaborative report from Veldhoen + Company and HSO, we bring you insights and results on:

  • First responses to the crisis and what insights have we gained.
  • Re-entering the office, how it runs differently in different countries
  • A look to the Future, and what we can learn from innovative organisations who are already there
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Webinar Recording

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Missed the live presentation of this report? You can watch the recording of 'Workplace Innovation in a Post-Pandemic World' presented by Marco van Gelder, Veldhoen + Company and Paul Vos, HSO in collaboration with Michel Bouman, Microsoft Netherlands.