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Guide: Utilisation & Ethno-
graphic Studies

Guide: Utilisation & Ethnographic Studies

What is a Utilisation Study?

A utilisation study measures the use of workstations and facilities (e.g. meeting rooms, common areas, work desks etc.). An observer walks around the office throughout the day and records the activity in each area. Once the data is collected, the data is aggregated into a report. The results then inform V+C and the client if their current set-up is being used to its full capacity and to make informed decisions for future changes and improvements.

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What is an Ethnographic Study?

An Ethnographic Study looks at the experiences within a workplace from a human-centric viewpoint. V+C consultants take an invisible seat in the clients' environment and document their observations across six dimensions:

  • Place
  • People
  • Activities
  • Words
  • Vibes
  • Things

Once collected, the findings go through analysis to generate insights around trends and patterns, as well as potential explanations for certain behaviours.

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How do these studies improve your workplace?

With companies looking to improve their workplace environment and culture, it helps to have baseline data to understand what needs to be worked on in the workplace to achieve the desired results.

Utilisation and Ethnographic studies provide V+C and our client with clear data points and provides the insights required to make informed decisions, leaving out the guesswork, and without relying on what worked for other organisations, since one size does not fit all when it comes to ways of working and change strategy.

The studies also question pre-existing lines of thought and challenge assumptions. When leaders approach us with an issue and what they believe to be the cause, V+C starts by confirming that hypothesis or presenting an alternative based on the results from the utilisation and ethnographic studies.

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