Changing the world of energy – Alliander


Changing the
world of energy

Bringing sustainable
energy closer to the consumer

“What we need is a connection, to each other and eventually to ourselves.” – Bart Blokland, Director Shared Services


Alliander Werkt

Dutch energy network company

Located in Duiven, The Netherlands, 1500+ employees

  • Improving individual effectiveness is key
  • To create a better connection between employees
  • Sustainability as a key factor in the design process

“Become the CEO of your own work!” – Adrina Simons, Program Manager “AllianderWerkt”


The world of energy is changing all around us. People are starting to generate their own electricity. Alliander needs a connection. A connection to their environment, to each other and to themselves. Their main question: what is going on around us?

What’s needed? To let go of being in a little cubicle all day, never talking to co-workers or people outside of the building. To facilitative working together is the main goal.


Satisfied client and more importantly: satisfied employees. The main objective of working together more often (and faster) is met, productivity is increased, and service provision is improved. Employees believe that Alliander has become a better employer.

Thanks to the new way of working, collaborating and meeting people is better facilitated. As a result, projects within Alliander get done more quickly, resulting in a better service to the customer.

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