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Veldhoen + Company are here to support you in building sustainable new ways of working.

We help organisations challenge the status quo, guiding changes to mindsets, behaviours, protocols, and ways of working that will help you achieve your long-term goals with a tailor-made, holistic Way of Working concept.

Challenging You To Succeed

We are not the only workplace strategy consultancy that uses an Activity Based Working framework - but we are unique in our mix of extensive client experience and commitment to independent research over more than three decades.

With all our clients, our ultimate goal is to create challenging, specific and achievable outcomes while cultivating together the ability, courage and curiosity to actively reflect and evaluate as we go.

We deeply believe in our role as helpers - we want to ensure you succeed.

Our Work

Explore examples of our work, spanning more than 30 years and over 200 projects. We're helping to build a better world of work.


The Outcome: 

A unique and well-defined Way of Working (WoW) Strategy based on the goals of your company.

The Process: 

Through the discovery process, we gain an objective view of your organisation’s activities, routines, internal and external collaboration, team maturity, and dependence on leadership through workplace data sources.

Then we engage key stakeholders, conducting workshops, interviews and surveys to understand your goals and qualify the objective data to translate opinions into actionable facts.

Discover-Veldhoen-Company Discover-Veldhoen-Company

Design & Co-Create

Our fully integrated approach to human-centric ways of working is developed through two parallel streams:
Veldhoen_WhatWeDo©ProLensPhotography-MarieWilliams-7956 Veldhoen_WhatWeDo©ProLensPhotography-MarieWilliams-7956


The Outcome:
A holistic concept for a new way of working, supported by detailed functional briefs for your physical, virtual, and behavioural spaces.

The Process:
Using the background gained in the discovery phase and drawing from over 30 years of experience producing cutting-edge workplace concepts, V+C produce a tailor-made design that will prepare your organisation for the future of work.


The Outcome:
A robust, human-centric change strategy and implementation plan for transforming your organisation.

The Process:
We are true believers in empowerment and identifying the environment and skills needed to build a learning organisation. Through workshops and flexible learning programmes we challenge teams and individuals to rescope their perspectives on working so that they are engaged. We know change sticks when everyone understands the "what's in it for me" at each step of the process.

Veldhoen_WhatWeDo©ProLensPhotography-MarieWilliams-7956 Veldhoen_WhatWeDo©ProLensPhotography-MarieWilliams-7956


The Outcome: 

The implementation of your new ways of working, including support for the change management process to ensure that programme aspirations are met.

The Process:

Actioning your change plan across multiple channels, including mobilising and supporting change champion networks to create positive transformations in your organisation's way of working. 

During this phase, V+C deliver ongoing support to your team via leadership updates and other forms of change management engagement, ensuring meaningful shifts are taking place throughout your organisation. We tailor the level of programme management and support you need to successfully embrace new ways of working.

Veldhoen-Company-implementation Veldhoen-Company-implementation

Evaluate & evolve

The Outcome: 

A set of recommendations to support your continued ways of working evolution.

The Process:

Workplace transformation is an ongoing process, and some teams will adopt new ways of working more easily than others. V+C provide ongoing support even after the initial project is complete to ensure you achieve your long-term goals. 

Gathering evidence using surveys, interviews with key stakeholders, and new workplace metrics, we’ll continually refine your workplace concept and help ensure the adoption of new ways of working by all teams. 

Evaluat-and-evolve-veldhoen-company Evaluat-and-evolve-veldhoen-company

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