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It’s better
when we’re together

The story of Trustpower; bringing
multiple locations into one

“I think the challenge for anyone going into new ways of working, is to firstly suspend judgement for long enough to truly understand what it is, and secondly to have, at a leadership level, a great deal of intent to try and live the model.”

Vince Hawksworth — CEO Trustpower


Major NZ energy generator and retailer

Gas and telecommunications supplier,
500+ Employees

  • 8 dispersed locations
  • Very cramped
  • Inefficient meeting spaces
  • Unpredictable headcount

“The environment can create the opportunity but you actually have to engage the grey matter and ask what possibilities have been opened up and how am I going to take advantage of them?”

Vince Hawksworth — CEO Trustpower


The existing buildings housed teams with distinct functions, in bringing them into one central location how would we break down silos and benefit from greater collaboration and connection between teams and individuals?

To realise the vision, the headcount would be ever growing. How do we, on the one hand consolidate our footprint and, on the other, accommodate for this?


  • "The way we live in this building is the way our customers live in their homes. Because we are an ISP we are actually living how we expect people to be using the technology they are purchasing"

    Vince Hawksworth Trust | CEO
  • "We are satisfied with the approach and working method of the office when it comes to advising about hybrid working/activity-based working. Veldhoen + Company focuses both on the 'hard' and 'soft' aspects of the organisation. Good advice has been given for adjustments to our offices to make hybrid working possible"  

    Marilyn Jongenelen Stedelijk Museum Breda | Business Director
  • "Moving to this new model of Activity Based Working exceeded all our expectations. From day one you could feel the energy of the team working together seamlessly from the second they arrived in the building"

    Karen Boyte Trust Power | Project Executive
  • "Activity Based Working absolutely has enabled us to attract and retain smart people because it creates the image that we are a future focused company, not a company that’s living in the old technology world"

    Vince Hawksworth Trust Power | CEO

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