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As the first organisation within the pharmaceutical industry in Australia, to move to Activity Based Working, MSD share their story on their move one year on. Sharing what their new ABW workstyle means to them; the core objectives that a new way of working represents; and how it all comes together with an overarching company vision to retain and attract the best talent within the industry.

ABW at MSD Australia

Veldhoen + Company partnered with MSD on their journey, helping them understand the strategic purpose of their workplace, supporting their project team to develop the right environment and deliver the right IT tools, and guiding them through the behavioural changes needed to make it a success.

Watch the ABW video of MSD on Youtube.

Some of the benefits that were made possible at MSD:

  • Better collaboration between teams
  • A healthier team
  • Smaller carbon footprint

Image credits: MSD

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