Trust and output as the focus – Microsoft Netherlands


Trust and output as the focus

Getting to work without going
to the office, Microsoft found a way

“We wanted to emphasise trust rather than control, and output rather than attendance.”

Theo Rinsema, CEO of Microsoft Netherlands



World’s largest software company

Location Schiphol 1000+ employees

  • Employees unsatisfied about work/life balance
  • Finding it hard to leave work at the office
  • Mostly knowledge workers

“The more you fall back on what you know, the fewer risks you take.”

Theo Rinsema, CEO Microsoft Netherlands


First, Microsoft wanted to use their technology to improve the organisation’s productivity.

Second, the vitality of employees needed to go up. They had given the organisation a score of “unsatisfactory” when it came to promoting a good work/life balance. Employees were always available at home and being pushed by the technology to continue working. The question? How to give employees the scope to organise work themselves, to cope with that responsibility?


Microsoft and Veldhoen + Company made the change process as organic as possible. Employees now no longer have assigned offices or desks. A big change, but without any resistance. People were already used to it.

Changing leadership styles was the second part of the change process, along with getting the most out of employees as a team. They learned to let go more and to facilitate rather than steer.

The office building acts as a catalyst. The new space acts as a meeting place, space, transparency and connection are key.

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