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When Culture ate Strategy for Breakfast

13 oktober 2021

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‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’, Peter Drucker once said

This implies that at the bottom of it all, lies not the actual bottom line, its strategy, and profits, but the culture of the company that has laid a foundation for all the future proceeds, and that keeps determining the success of the future.

Hybrid work challenges organisations to think differently about their operating model. Topics come to the surface that never came to the surface before. Before the pandemic, we worked from the office. During the pandemic, we worked from home. A hybrid way of working brings a kind of complexity to the table from all different angles. Who can work from home and who cannot (inclusiveness)? Who makes the decisions when or when to work (autonomy)? How do we operate as a hybrid team (collaboration)? How do we make sure that our social capital stays on par (culture)? What is the future office going to look like (physical space)?

Organisations start to realize that the conversion is not about a hybrid way of working, but about a bigger organisational strategy. Hybrid working opens many new opportunities, but at the same time brings many new challenges. It’s a start of a new journey in which ‘culture’ is the most important aspect. And because of that, there is no blueprint for hybrid working. Every organisation needs to explore and create its own, unique blueprint. What happens after Culture ate Strategy for Breakfast?

Join us in the conversation between Marco van Gelder (Veldhoen + Company) and Brenda Nemastil (Microsoft) about the importance of culture in organisational change. Learn about what happens when people-focused processes were set in place when culture did come first of any solely profit-oriented strategy and set the ground rules for everything thereafter.[mk_title_box color="#ffffff" font_family="none" el_class="font-white"]

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