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Municipality of Venlo, Netherlands

Building Connection with Their Citizens

Case Study Overview

Case Study Overview

The journey from city government to architectural and cultural landmark

Organisation: Municipal Government of Venlo

Location: Venlo, the Netherlands

Office Footprint: 13,500 sqm

Employees: 950+

Key Concept: Connecting citizen to citizen

The Back Story

The Back Story

The local government was located in several sub-locations spread out in the city and wanted to transition to one central location. They wanted to achieve a sustainable and healthy work environment, and foment more cross-departmental collaboration to strengthen their connection to their citizens and their services.

“When stepping into City Hall and interacting with us, it should not feel like the Municipality is more important than you as a visitor or partner.”
Mayor | City of Venlo

The Challenge

The goal of the new City Hall of Venlo was to facilitate authentic conversations. To achieve this, employees were directly empowered to have flexibility to choose how to best increase contact and collaboration with citizens and partners alike, as well as with each other.

The Bricks

While the municipal government wanted to reduce their overall physical footprint, they aimed to apply those cost savings into significantly improving the quality of their facilities and their staff.

The Bytes

They also wanted to embrace more digital technology so provide more customer-friendly services​.

The Behaviour

The City of Venlo expressed the desire to breakdown the departmental silos and present as a more attractive employer.

Veldhoen_Stadskantoor Venlo - Kraaijvanger Architects - original_h46Y7kp

The Results

Veldhoen + Company guided the local government of Venlo to envision and build a new work environment based on Cradle-to-Cradle design principles, as well as reimagine the way people work and interact in the building with the same underlying principles in mind.

The success of the building, built by Kraaijvanger Architects, thus does not only depend on the spectacular physical environment that was built, but relies heavily on the ways in which the employees, citizens and partners use all the facilities in the new building and the cultural elements that underpin their connections. They were able to reduce the total office footprint by 6,000 sqm while maintaining very high employee satisfaction.

When anyone joins the Municipality of Venlo, they are trained in ABW - allowing Venlo to developed from a traditional local government to an architectural and cultural landmark innovating in citizen care and services.

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