GLG connecting professionals in an ABW environment


GLG connecting professionals
in an ABW environment

GLG has been on a journey to align organisational purposes and values to better meet needs of their council members and their clients

“Moving around helps me get work done. I feel like I’m a dynamic person who can work in a loud environment, but there are definitely days where you want to duck off into a telephone booth and sort of dive into the task at hand.”



New global headquarter in New York

GLG wanted to do something different to amplify the unique ways it scales one-to-one learning and brings professionals together.

Activity-Based Working (ABW) principles were applied by the architect in the design of the new space, with inspiration to eliminate restrictions of traditional offices, and to enable people to work more dynamically and collaboratively. GLG brought Veldhoen + Company onboard to help employees better understand the concept of ABW and build new habits to support better way of working.

“The new space is awesome. We had to change the way we do things, but I think overall it has made us more efficient.”


The people:
From the beginning, employees had concerns with not having assigned desks and having to store personal items in lockers. People were reluctant to detach from their old way of doing things. Some were concerned about maintaining a sense of team in the new environment, others worried about the new space’s capability for confidential conversations and accommodation for introverts.

The change:
V+C was brought in after the space has already been designed. Unlike the typical ABW project where an initial vision and discovery phase lays the foundation for all subsequent work, the focus of this project was mainly on the behavioural and change elements. In other words, the project team was solving for the question of: now that we’ve dreamed up a modern work space, how do we prepare everyone so that they can realise the full benefits of it?


Post-move survey showed that 77% of staff agreed that the new office design enables them to work more productively.

97% reported that the new office is a place they’re proud to bring visitors, a huge increase compared to 13% in pre-move survey.

92% (compared to 51%) agreed that the new office creates an enjoyable working environment.

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Some images from our work in this space

Architects: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Photographer: Paul Warchol


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