Bankwest – Happy Banking with Anthony Grassi


Bankwest truly transformed their headquarters in Perth by bringing their ‘Happy Banking’ culture to life through their new way of working. To develop a new work-style and environment for over 2700 employees Veldhoen + Company partnered with Bankwest to help them create the physical environment required as well as guiding them on the behavioural changes needed to inspire ‘Happy Working’. This is the first ABW project in Western Australia.

Anthony Grassi, Manager Business Engagement explains ABW at Bankwest:

The Outcomes according Tech Quarterly. In a post implementation review Bankwest’s own research on employee perceptions of the ABW environment found that:

  • 74% feel more positively about working for Bankwest
  • 91% enjoy freedom to choose their workspace
  • 84% prefer the new way of working
  • 82% are using less paper

Other media talking about Activity Based Working at Bankwest.

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