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Commonwealth Bank Australia introduced Activity Based Working (ABW) in their latest campus building in Sydney, as they recognise that people work more effectively when they have flexibility. The new work-style has been so successful that they are rolling it out for two new major Group developments in Perth and Auckland.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

Having approx. 6400 employees spread across 13 buildings in the city of Sydney did not support CBA’s need to be more collaborative across lines of business, continue to improve the way they served their customers, and provide employees with a great place to work. Veldhoen + Company provided them with a way to tackle these challenges through the worlds largest ABW implementation.

CBA recognised the need to challenge traditional assumptions of how workspace is used and how work is done. To leverage their long term investments and sustain a workplace of the future, CBA had to change the mindset from a place to work to delivering a workplace solution that supported the different ways people prefer to work and the different types of work that they do.

CBA’s wish list

Working in a highly competitive local market and heavily influenced by global financial trends, CBA saw the need to ensure that their new workplace:

  • encouraged collaboration across it’s business lines;
  • provided flexibility in the way that people organise themselves so that they could respond to the changing demands of the market;
  • and ensure that the workplace investment was sustainable through these changes.

Developing and implementing an Activity Based Workstyle across such a large and diverse population was no easy feat. Veldhoen + Company provided guidance, coaching, and inspiration to the program team and senior leaders in the business to ensure that the programme had the right levels of support and guidance.


As a result CBA was able to:

  • improve the productivity, work/life balance, collaboration, and pride in CBA of the majority of employees;
  • reduce absenteeism;
  • reduce it’s dependence on printing by 40% and
  • house 20% more employees in the same footprint.

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