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Interpolis: A First for ABW in the Netherlands

A Two Part(y) Revolution

"The point is to learn to look at things through different eyes."
CEO Interpolis

Case Study Overview

Case Study Overview

A leading Dutch insurance company embraces Activity Based Working in 1996

Organisation: Interpolis Head Office

Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Employees: 950+

Office Footprint: 10,000 sqm

Key Concept: "Crystal-Clear"

The Back Story

The Back Story

Interpolis recognised that society was undergoing fundamental changes and wanted to reimagine work for their people and their customers in this new reality.

In this case study we have a chance to look back before the widespread adoption of mobile phones and even e-mail and take a look at what it means to envision and create new ways of working.

“We have taken three decisions. One - the Executive Board will be on the ground floor. Two - we want a skyroom at the top. And three: the assignment is yours.”
Chairman of the Board

Embracing a New Way of Working


The Challenge

Clarity and insurance had been almost contradictory concepts for a long time. Consumers were always frustrated by the small print and nebulous language, yet an insurance policy is all about making them feel safe. Interpolis understood this and wanted to act on it. They built a new building, but after meeting with Erik Veldhoen they realised they needed to do something different - not just create more space.

The Tilburg offices were built to house 950 people. The second tower, scheduled for construction in 1999, was being planned. But was it necessary?


The Outcome

After careful calculations, Veldhoen determined the first building could house up to 1500 employees - meaning the second building was not necessary at all.

The shift required a completely new way of thinking about work. The first building said farewell to assigned desks and offices, which seemed like a massive leap already. However, the real revolution was the integrated approach and radical way in which the interface was introduced, keeping Interpolis's ambitions central to the concept and plan.


Results in Numbers

Interpolis reported:
  • 45% reduction in necessary work space
  • 24% reduction in yearly occupancy costs

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