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B2Hub: Blacktown Hospital, NSW Local Health District

Reimagining the Hospital of the Future

Case Study Overview

Case Study Overview

A pilot programme testing outcomes of a flexible way of working

Organisation: Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) - Blacktown Hospital

Location: Sydney, Australia

Industry: Healthcare

Key Concept: Better health services for the people of Western Sydney.

The Back Story

The Back Story

The local health district level (WSLHD) has a vision for the region: Better Health Services for the people of Western Sydney and beyond.

It is decided that B2Hub, Blacktown Hospital’s admin unit, will pilot a new, flexible way of working for the entire Western Sydney Health District. If the pilot is successful, the new workstyle will roll out throughout the district.

Prior to the pilot, 50% of staff do NOT agree that their old workplace is a place they are proud to bring visitors to.
Outputs from the Pre-Move Survey

Activity Based Working in Western Sydney Local Health District


The Challenge

Due to the growing and aging population of the region, the new workplace strategy must make provision for greater resourcing and an overall different, multidiscipline approach to patient care.

Historically, Blacktown Hospital has found it challenging to attract and retain clinical staff. Adopting an ABW philosophy was seen as creating an aspirational way of working and an inspiring environment to offer the younger generation of clinicians a career destination.

The challenge was to create a consistent vision and “buy-in” from all levels of the organisation.


The Results

At the start of the pilot development Blacktown Hospital define key areas in which they are looking for improvement: greater sense of connection; enhanced flexibility, efficiency and innovation; a workplace that people want to go to.

After a few months of users working in the pilot space, data from several focus-groups and a workstyle survey clearly indicate a dramatic improvement in each of the key areas and the pilot is considered a success.

Since then, this more flexible way of working is being implemented in many more hospital admin units throughout the local health district.

  • 84% believe the new space enables them to work more productively
  • 100% of respondents agree that B2Hub creates an enjoyable place to work in and a place they are proud to bring visitors

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