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Trustpower: Bringing Multiple Locations Together

It's Better When We're Together

Case Study Overview

The path to more connection and collaboration through new ways of working

Organisation: Trustpower

Location: 8 dispersed locations in New Zealand

Employees: 500+

Key Concept: Future-proof our way of working

The Back Story

The Back Story

Trustpower, a major gas and telecommunication provider in New Zealand, looked to Veldhoen + Company to help them bring several dispersed locations together and address what as a very cramped, inefficient use of office space while facing a constantly fluctuating headcount.

The goal was to leverage a new way of working in a single location to create a connected and energised culture, capable of supporting Trustpower as it grows from a successful NZ electricity supplier to a leading provider of utilities; future proofing us for the next 20 years of success.

“I think the challenge for anyone going into new ways of working, is to firstly suspend judgement for long enough to truly understand what it is, and secondly to have, at a leadership level, a great deal of intent to try and live the model.”
CEO | Trustpower

The Challenge

The existing buildings housed teams with distinct functions, in bringing them into one central location how would we break down silos and benefit from greater collaboration and connection between teams and individuals?

To realise the vision, the headcount would be ever growing. How do we, on the one hand consolidate our footprint and, on the other, accommodate for this?


The Results

Moving to this new model of ABW exceeded all expectations. Trustpower executives noted that it gave them a clear sense of being closer to their customers since they moved around the office in much the same way their customer move around their homes - giving them opportunities to use the very same technologies they were purchasing.

They also noted a significant improvement in talent attraction and retention, bringing together teams and departments in a more fluid and collaborative way - with more opportunities for spontaneous 5-in chats that can impact decision making in surprising ways.

“Moving to this new model of ABW exceeded all our expectations. From day one you could feel the energy of the team working together seamlessly from the second they arrived in the building."
Project Executive | Trustpower

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