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Activity Based Working


There are many misconceptions about what Activity Based Working really is. This workplace philosophy isn’t about open-plan offices — it’s a key to unlock the potential of your people. As the founders of the concept, V+C provides a range of solutions to help you get the most from ABW.

What is Activity Based Working (ABW)?

The ABW approach recognises that people perform different activities in their day-to-day work, and therefore need a variety of work settings supported by the right technology and culture to carry out these activities effectively.

To create work environments based on this principle, ABW takes a human-centric approach to the ways we work by studying which activities are most closely related to a company's organisational and business goals, and takes that exploration of both quantitative and qualitative data to guide a strategy and plan to meet the physical, virtual and cultural needs of individuals and teams.

In other words, ABW transforms work into something you feel empowered to do, rather than somewhere you need to be.
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How to get started

The following solutions are great ways to get your team started with Activity Based Working.


ABW 101

Available in multiple languages, this scalable, asynchronous online learning environment offers education, inspiration, and exercises to help familiarise your organisation with ABW. 

ABW Simulation Game

This workshop is the perfect introduction to ABW for large groups. Facilitated live by a V+C-trained host either in-person or virtually, the game simulates the experience of moving through a new ABW work environment. Through questions, feedback, and reflections, participants will understand what it means to work within the ABW model. 
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Viva Insights Hackathon

Any integrated workplace strategy requires a solid data foundation. Using objective data we run a "hackathon"-style session with your organisation to form a blueprint of your way of working. We uncover data that helps us answer questions like:

  • What is the leadership style and how does it affect collaboration and wellbeing?
  • What is your meeting culture like?
  • After accounting for collaborative activities, how much time is left for individuals to get their work done?
  • How do departments differ from one another in their ways of working?

This session provides you (and us) with the insights to spark an informed conversation between leadership and your employees towards understanding the value of ABW.

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