Activity Based Working

What is it?

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a catalyst for organisations to rethink the way they work aligned to their cultural and strategic objectives. It provides freedom of choice in how, when, and where people work, helping them to be more effective and engaged. ABW recognises that people perform different activities and need a variety of work settings, the right technology, and a trusting and collaborative culture to be best supported.

ABW is about you…

Activity Based Working is also about you and your colleagues. It is about organising your work in a more productive and enjoyable way. Creating the best circumstances for each activity, whether it is developing ideas, delivering content or sharing knowledge… (watch ABW video)

It is not about the building

We can work anytime, anywhere, in a traditional office, co-working space or at home. Where we do our activities is less important, as long as we align our work with colleagues and create meaning. The office as we know it, will lose certain functions and will facilitate a new set of workers in the future in our journey to more collaboration and innovation.

Continue your journey by watching this video animation explaining ABW: 

Elements of Activity Based Workplaces

There is no one-size-fits-all concept of an Activity Based Workplace. ABW also isn’t the same as hot-desking or an open floor plan, while some features may be present. Please consider some of the elements that make Activity Based Working work and can help your organisation evolve.

  • Work anytime, anywhere; time and place independent work.
  • Empowerment; supported by trust results in responsibility.
  • Open & flexible workspaces; including the right acoustics for each activity.
  • Flexible working relations; supporting honest and genuine conversations.
  • Unlimited (digital) access & connectivity; digital transformation and paper independence and reduction.

Benefits and advantages

Every organisation has different aspirations. Aligning your vision and mission to a new workplace and new way of working can be a great enabler for change. The benefits of an activity based workplace are for its people and in the end for its customers.

  • Employee well-being; a healthier and more sustainable workplace.
  • Employee satisfaction; more effective, engaged and motivated people.
  • Organisation flexibility; better collaboration, more efficient decision making.
  • Work-life balance; improved work-life balance after implementation and transformation.
  • Housing cost saving; a cost effective workplace.

Challenges of a New Workplace

When working in a new developed work environment, there might be some challenges for your colleagues, teams and management. So before moving to a new workplace we can discuss a number of topics that can help you in your journey and make the “office-move” as easy as possible.

  • Where and how do I find my colleagues?
  • What is the CEO doing next to me?
  • Can I also work from home?
  • Will I be able to work in a silent space?
  • Will everybody have a hot-desk?

Curious to hear more about the challenges or misconceptions of ABW, give us a call. We work anytime, anywhere, around the world. We can help you find your own answers, before and after creating a great place to work.

How to start your ABW program

To develop and implement ABW we offer a range of services to our clients at various stages of your journey. From tours and analyses, to inspiration sessions, design briefs and behavioural workshops, along with guiding the implementation of their new way of working.

3 tools that can kickstart your organisations future:

  1. A financial ROI analysis of your future workplace
  2. An utilisation and occupancy study
  3. Inspiration session by the founders of ABW

One more story:

Curious to visit an Activity Based Workplace? Give us a call or attend one of our ABW masterclasses.

Your New Way of Working can start today.

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