Rethink the way we work

Activity Based Working

Activity Based Working

The Activity Based Working (ABW) approach recognises that people perform different activities in their day-to-day work, and therefore need a variety of work settings supported by the right technology and culture to carry out these activities effectively.

By creating a work environment based on this principle, ABW creates a space that is specifically designed to meet the physical and virtual needs of individuals and teams. More importantly, ABW’s heavy emphasis on the creation of a culture of connection, inspiration, accountability and trust empowers individuals, teams and the organisation to perform to their potential. In other words, ABW transforms work into something you feel empowered to do, rather than somewhere you need to be.

Culture, Physical Space & Technology

Veldhoen + Company builds new ways of working with a holistic approach. What does that mean?

We think culture, technology, and the physical space are inextricably connected. A holistic workplace strategy is built on 3 interdependent elements:

– The built environment (the ‘bricks’)
– The digital platform (the ‘bytes’)
– The behavioural way of working (the ‘behaviours’)

They are all crucial elements in a successful workplace transformation, but they often don’t receive equal focus. For Hybrid workplace transformations, the built environment will no longer be the primary source of meaning and belonging for employees. So, a ‘behaviours first’ approach will be needed to deliver success.​

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