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Measuring the success of ABW

A pilot program within Sydney’s Blacktown Hospital, before a roll-out to the wider health district.

Prior to the pilot, 40% do NOT agree that the design of their old workplace supports sharing ideas or knowledge with colleagues.


Blacktown hospital

The local health district level (WSLHD) has a vision for the region: Better Health Services for the people of Western Sydney and beyond.

It is decided that B2Hub, Blacktown Hospital’s admin unit, will pilot a new, flexible way of working for the entire Western Sydney Health District. If the pilot is successful, the new workstyle will roll out throughout the district.

Prior to the pilot, 50% of staff do NOT agree that their old workplace is a place they are proud to bring visitors to.


  • Due to the growing and aging population of the region, the new workplace strategy must make provision for greater resourcing and an overall different, multidiscipline approach to patient care.
  • Historically, Blacktown Hospital has found it challenging to attract/retain clinical staff. Adopting an ABW philosophy was seen as creating an aspirational way of working and an inspiring environment to offer the younger generation of clinicians a career destination. The challenge was to create a consistent vision and “buy-in” from all levels of the organisation.


84% believe the new space enables them to work more productively
100% of respondents agree that B2Hub creates an enjoyable place to work in and a place they are proud to bring visitors to


At the start of the pilot development Blacktown Hospital define key areas in which they are looking for improvement: greater sense of connection; enhanced flexibility, efficiency and innovation; a workplace that people want to go to.

After a few months of users working in the pilot space, data from several focus-groups and a workstyle survey clearly indicate a dramatic improvement in each of the key areas and the pilot is considered a success.

Since then, this more flexible way of working is being implemented in many more hospital admin units throughout the local health district.

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“There are more minds that you can approach for help. it creates a prompt to speak to people because they are right there.”

Activity Based Working in Western Sydney Local Health District

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