A two part(y) revolution – Interpolis


A two part(y) revolution

Interpolis: the first organisation
to go Activity Based in the Netherlands.

“The point is to learn to look at things through different eyes.”

Kick van der Pol, CEO Interpolis



A leading Dutch insurance company went ABW in 1996

Interpolis Head Office – Location: Tilburg – Employees: 950+

  • Recognized society was undergoing fundamental changes
  • Key-concept: crystal-clear
  • Before mobile phones, even before e-mail!

“We’ve taken three decisions. One: the executive board will be on the ground floor. Two: we want a skyroom at the top. And three: the assignment is yours.”

Jan Vullings, chairmain of the board


Clarity and insurance had been almost contradictory concepts for a long time. Consumer despaired of the small print and nebulous language. They wanted to feel safe. Interpolis understood this and acted upon it. A new building was build, but after meeting with Erik Veldhoen they knew they had to do something different.

The Tilburg high-rise had to house 950 people. The second tower, which was scheduled for 1999-2000, was also on the way. But was it necessary?


After careful calculations the first building could house up to 1500 employees. Meaning the second building would no longer be necessary at all.

The first building said farewell to assigned desks and offices. But the real revolution was the integrated nature of it all. The radical way in which the interface was introduced which made Interpolis achieve all of its ambitions. In numbers: Interpolis reported a 45% reduction in necessary work space and a 24% reduction in yearly occupancy costs.

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